Seniorite Sügiskarikas!

Austatud seniorid,
Meil on eelnevatest Senior Touri võistlustest kasutamata jäänud resursse ja sponsoreid.
Seetõttu on meil au teid kutsuda Seeniorite sügisvõistlusele laupäeval, 24.septembril kell 11:00. Võistlus toimub EGCC Sea Course-l.
Võistluse formaat on HCP löögimäng ja scratch. Lähimale lipule võistlus toimub kümnendal rajal ja pikima avalöögi võistlus neljandal rajal.
Auhinnatakse ka parimaid 60+ mängijaid. Oodatud on ka järgmiste aastate seeniorid!
Mängime kollastelt ja valgetelt tiidellt väikeste muudatustega.
Maksimaalne võistlejate arv on 48. Üleregistreerimise korral on eelmise hooaja Seeniorite tuuri mängijatel eelis registreerimisel, seejärel madalama HCP-ga mängijatel.
Võistlustasu EGCC mänguõigusega osalejatele on 30 € ja mängiõigust mitte omavatele 60€ (sisaldab green feed)
Rangepallid, toitlustamine ja snäkid saunas kuuluvad võistlustasu sisse.
Registreeri siin:
Võistlustasu: 30€
Palume kanda osavõtutasu: Mtü Cardinal Sport
Võistluse peasponsor on Alexander Boutique


EST21 June news

June 21

7 players came to start in the 3:rd round of the GolfLife Estonian Senior Tour 2021 that was played yesterday in a super hot Otepää in co-operation with Estonian tour and Tradehouse. The horse flies was big as small birds and umbrellas were needed to block out the sun. 

Winner, with 5 !! birdies and a nice round of 78 shots was Aivar Köök. Tõnu Kõva was second and Andres Esko third. 
Winner in hcp stroke was Aivar Köök and runner up Andres Esko.

Well done all players who faught well in the 30+ heat.

See you all the 2-4 of July in Niitvälja for the next round of the Estonian Senior Tour. We play in co-operation with Niitvälja Karikas where already 22 players have sigend up. 

Super NEWS!

The Estonian Senior Tour 2021 by GolfLife have agreed a 2h “Tour Player Special” clinic with Estonias only playing Pro Sander Aadusaar. The event is FREE for our Tour members and will take place 28 or 29 of June, between 18:00-20:00. 
Exact date and location to be confirmed. 
Theme: How to lower your score.

Updated Tour Standing

This is the updated tour standing after three events played.
Remember to pay your tour fee for 2021 before you play your 3:rd event or all your points will be lost and you will miss the tour final and all the senior tour special offers.

Estonian Senior Tour rules:

No Alcohol during the game.

No throwing clubs or destroying tee markers.

All divots to be replaced.

All pitch-marks to be repaired.

Each group is to fill livescoring.

Your 6 best tournaments out of 10 will count for the TOUR FINAL and RANKING.

All men over the age of 50 and older can participate. The maximum allowable HCP is 20.0 at series entry.

In case of over-registration, players with a lower HCP will have priority. The participation limit is 72 players per stage.

The series will be played according to R&A St. Andrews International Golf Rules, Each golf course’s Terms and Conditions and Local Rules.
In the event of a tie, the player with the best result on the last 9 holes wins, then on the final 6, on the final 3, and if still tied, the result of the last hole will be compared.
If this does not produce a winner then the winner is decided by lot.
In determining the best HCP stroke play in a tie, the players’ HCPs are compared – the player with the lower HCP wins in the event.
If this does not produce a winner then the winner is decided by lot.


1st to 3rd Scratch players will receive prizes together with the two best HCP stroke players in each tournament.

Tour fee

To become a tour member you will have to pay the tour fee.

The tour fee is valid for season 2021 and includes 10 tournaments and the RACE TO SURPRISE final.
The fee is 50€, and should be paid before your first start to tour organiser.

Estonian Senior Tour 2021 is organised by NPO Cardinal Sport.

The fees can be paid by transfer to NPO Cardinal Sport bank account: EE477700771006294424 LHV.
In the description field please write your full name and a note: “EST2021 fee”

The Estonian Senior Tour is made in co-operation with the Estonian Golf Federation, the Estonian Tour, the Pre-European Championship 2022 Senior Tour by TracPal and Niitvälja Golfcenter.

All funds received for the tour membership will 100% go to the RACE TO SURPRISE. The Estonian Senior Tour 2021 has no overhead costs or administration fees.

From each paid starting fee by an Estonian Senior Tour 2021 player in each tournament 5€ will go to the RACE TO SURPRISE final.

Member offers

As a Senior Tour member 2021 you will receive following offers and freebies:

1 Free Choice of golf glove from Duca Del Cosma, at the Golflife shop in Tallinn.

50% discount when you purchase one pair of golf shoes from Duca Del Cosma at the Golflife shop in Tallinn.

10% Discount on when ordering. Contact for your personal discount code.

More discounts and offers to come!

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